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[See What I Can't See] - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
I spent the night in the library reading. The room was cozy, with padded Victorian chairs and warm table lamps with patterned shades. Soft blue carpet contrasted sharply with the grey linoleum outside.
Yes, I was tired. The mug of coffee on my desk was getting cold, and with a sign I slurped it down and went over to the machine for a refill. Sarah had shown me the fancy device earlier and I was still bewildered by the options it had. At home, coffee was, well, coffee.
I tried a latte this time, though the powdered milk felt strange under my tongue. The room was quiet and only contained a couple stacks. I knew I would eventually have to learn how to use the Internet, but for now paper seemed to be the quicker option.
A couple maps of Atlantis City were strewn on my desk. In my lap was a textbook opened to a section on binary taps. I took notes with a pencil and pad, my writing barely legible as I continued on.
Some people liked the carefree nature of living in the dark. I was the polar opposite - every scrap of knowledge gave me an advantage in the future, and made my life more fulfilling. Likely Thomas had stirred up those thoughts during my younger years.
I glanced through recent newspapers, surprised at the fact that I wasn’t completely out of the loop. The radio had changed my life out in Arnela, bringing me bits and pieces of the wider world. Sadly, most of its inhabitants did not share the same thoughts.
The artificial skylight brightened overhead as it showed a reasonable rendering of a full moon. We were underground, living in excavated space below a country house. The property was large and wooded, located in Zone I territory fifty kilometers away from the downtown core. Security was tight and strong wards extended to the ostensible picket fence surrounding the border. It was officially a private retirement space for the elderly.
Or as Thomas said, elderly mages who did not want outside interference.
I gave up an hour later, though the desire to keep learning was strong. There wasn’t much to do here, and I had all the time I wanted to focus on such things. I packed up and quickly left the empty room.
The base was quiet, most of its residents already asleep. The halls were utilitarian concrete and I sensed a patrolling guard making his rounds. Instead of the welcoming atmosphere of the library, the place looked dull and apathetic. To mimic the cycle of day and night, the full-spectrum lights were running at half strength.
I passed through a strong hatch leading to the residential area. The heavy vault door smoothly opened on oiled hinges, but the powerful spells in between put up resistance. Everything beyond the entrance was a blur, both to my mind and to my eyes. A moment later, the wards detected my signature and gently pushed me through.
The lounge was empty, but the television screens mounted on the walls ran nonstop. The CNN feed talked about the US Presidential race, the Weather Network focused on a potential storm brewing in northern Atlantis. I saw a work schedule on the bulletin board and snickered as I saw Ernest’s name up for garbage collection this week. A smaller monitor in a corner displayed a randomly rotating CCTV view of the building exterior.
I helped myself to a midnight snack from the kitchen before heading out. With a few more twists and turns, I finally reached my bedroom and locked up. The furniture might be apathetic, but at least the mattress was comfortable and the sheets new. Certainly a vast improvement to the ill-fated Regal Grand that I didn’t even spend a full night in.
Ernest had briefed me on the situation this morning, only stopping for a meal. The chicken and carrot stir-fry was much better than my last meal of fast food. We all ate together in the lounge, the conversation lively as volunteers brought out plates for everyone.
They didn’t have a name, or at least they didn’t tell me. Ernest had described them as a loose group of mages working to maintain order in the world, but there was nothing casual about the way they worked.
“A secret society?” I asked. All I got were smirks and chuckles.
“Well we do have to maintain our privacy,” Thomas said. “Otherwise I have no idea how we’d all be alive.”
His tone might’ve been joking, but the situation was not. The residents of Arnela had nearly all been murdered, aside from the few who had escaped. I’d learned that the residual energies of a binary tap embedded itself into the fabric of beings living near it. As a result, those people could sense that the tap was being activated - a process that could take up to a week. More importantly, there was the possibility that some residents of Arnela knew about the tap and were keeping quiet about it. Whoever wanted the power to themselves needed to clear all loose ends.
That thought was quite sickening. Ernest and his group wanted to destroy the tap in a controlled manner, and I sensed that he had orders from above making that decision for him. Luckily, or unfortunately depending on how you saw it, the exact location of the tap was unknown. It would take a herculean effort to find it, and even more to defend it during the activation period.
“I don’t trust the Atlantean government to keep this safe,” Thomas said. “First of all, our word doesn’t really carry much weight. I may know that it’s there, but the authorities may simply dismiss it. There have been enough hoaxes already about magical artifacts all over the world.”
“What if they believe it?” I countered.
“In that case, they will attempt to search for it - and with their resources, they will,” Thomas replied immediately. “A leak will appear sooner than later, and everyone will know. Oh, I’m sure the military will prevent anyone from using the tap. But it’s a ticking time bomb in the middle of Atlantis, and who knows what a future politician will want to do with it. Better to see it gone then abused.”
“You will live here in hiding with Thomas for now,” Ernest said. “The walls will shield you, and the wards will not let you go up to the surface. A watch will be kept on Arnela, and we will wait for the enemy to make their next move.”
He spoke those words firmly and without question, like a general on a battlefield. An order and not a request.
I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to be here. Nevertheless, I immediately knew I was a prisoner, and would need to make this subterranean complex my home.
And that's the end of Act 1. These eight chapters moved quickly to show the turmoil my protagonists are facing, with little time for them to rest and reflect. I'll definitely be shedding more light into their backstories and providing more character development in the second act, where tensions are high but the action has slowed.
I always welcome comments and criticism for my stories, so please reply to this post! I know that many of my ideas are cliche or fall into common tropes, but the idea for this story is to test out the worldbuilding for my Magsci universe (I actually have another story in this world that I've been planning for a long time, but that'll be a full novel and I'll need to improve my skills first) as well as to practice my writing.
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We had three groups of demo wire: mine adit, ANFO on the mine floor, and just because, some black powder placed into the old, but unused, drill holes in the mine face. The party room was going to be detonated remotely. We decided to blow the face first, then the ANFO, then the adit. After the applause died down, I’d trigger the party room. Then, the final drinking light for this mine site would be lit. Tomorrow, we pack up and travel south.
But first!
“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to your first abandoned mine demolition. This hole in the ground has become a menace, alas, through no fault of its own. But steps must be taken to remove it as a threat to society; to protect society from itself. I’ll let you cogitate over the irony of that statement at your leisure. Please, folks. This once was the provider of many a family’s daily bread, butter, and beer. A moment of silence. A moment of reverence. A moment of reflection. This is the place where you cut your subsurface teeth, where you lost your mining virginity, and now…we’re really gonna pop yer cherry!”
They laughed! They actually laughed loud and long. I was amazed. This was just my B-list material.
Dr. D and I alternated countdowns, Lucas was manning the detonators. Everybody, even the cooks, dish machine operators, and custodians joined in on the Safety Protocol song.
First went the face/black powder. A loud, rolling BOOM followed by the mine blowing a huge white smoke ring skyward. Not bad for a first shot.
Then the ANFO. Lucas needed to use the recently acquired replacement for Ol’ Reliable, my personal plunger-actuated blasting machine, as we needed the voltage and amperage. The ANFO shook everyone in camp, even set those in suspended hammocks rocking.
“We’re over a half-mile from the mine and you can actually here see the effects of low-explosives.”, I said, regarding the swinging hammocks. “Did the Earth move for you, too?”
Even that got a laugh.
Next came the mine adit itself. The sharp cracks of the dynamite were so distinctly different than the rolling thrump of the ANFO. People were getting a good physical demonstration of the differences in different types of explosives.
Everyone was about to clap, hoot, or holler, and head for the bar or leave when I shouted them down.
“What are you doing? Where are you going? We’re not done here yet, folks. We have a little bonus. Relax, sit back, and enjoy the death of the cess-pit. The end of the fetid party room. The cessation of the sewer some people around here went to have fun. Want fun? What could possibly be more fun than over 100 pounds of Torpex, PETN, RDX, Dynamite and Kinestik binary high explosives…and a remote detonator?”
All eyes one me grew three sizes that day.
“And I’m prepared to offer the honor of pressing the big, shiny red button to…the highest bidder!”
Consternation and grumbling.
“Actually, I kid. Before this, I had given a slip of paper to Dr. D. On that paper is a number, between 1 and 100. Here are some official guessing paper and pencils. The paper was recently outsourced from the DOI, so no fair trying to use any other. Now, write your guess down, a single number, between 1 and 100, one guess per participant. The closest gets the remote detonator and the honor of destroying the den of filth. In the case of prizes, duplicate ties will be awarded. You have 2 minutes before my number will be revealed. GO!”
Five minutes later, Dr. D announces the winner. There were no duplicates and my number was 86. Dr. I from Berkeley was the winner. She was a petite little hydrogeologist with a mean streak a mile wide. She grinned like a maniac when I handed her the remote detonator. She wanted to go immediately, but I restrained her for a 5 count.
“5...4…3…2…1…HIT IT!”
Whoa. Even though the mine was strictly closed, when that Torpex torpedo went off, the whole state probably felt it. It was very much like an earthquake. A very noisy, even that far underground in a closed-off mine, shatteringly brilliant earthquake.
Dr. I was ecstatic. “I did that?”
“Yes, you did. You’ll be receiving the bill in the mail.” I joshed.
It didn’t matter. Nothing could dampen the mood at that point.
Before lighting the drinking lamp, I recited a bit of doggerel for the crowd to close and commemorate our first victorious mine closing.
 “The Earth shakes, the ground cracks,
 And out steps fmax.
 Pleased as punch, fresh as a daisy,
 He watches while the world goes crazy.
 Strata shakes, structures tumble,
 Seismographs jump, formations crumble.
 When he’s finished, spent with sin,
 He returns as fmin.”
(fmax refers to the high-frequency band-limitation of the radiated field of earthquakes.)
It’s a geology thing…
They seemed to appreciate the effort. They loved that immediately afterward I lit the evening drinking lamp.
Dr. D, Lucas, and my own self had our cigars, drink, and maps. We were looking for our next contestant. Given the reaction of the crowd, I figured they’d be ready for something a little more ‘aggressive’. We had 11 days left, so it couldn’t be too far afield, as I didn’t want to waste time in transit, but here in Nevada, that wasn’t going to present a problem.
Lucas pointed out the Gobbler’s Knob mining area. It was studded with mines marked with the red ‘X’ of the Bureau indicating these mines had been vetted for critter populations and were slated for demolition, and there was quite the assortment. Sure, it was a good three and a half hours distant as a direct shot, or a full day for this crowd. However, we could just camp there for the last part of the trip; it would make a fine base camp. There were more than enough mines, in close proximity, of all types.
So, it was decided and announced. We’d all rendezvous at the titular Gobbler’s Knob gold mine area. I’d scout the area with Lucas and Dr. D, who would follow in his field car. We’d find a place to set up base camp. Sure, it was a diversion from the planned itinerary of the project, but that was at my discretion anyways. Given the shakedown at the Sharp Curve mine, we figure the less over-the-road travel for this crowd, the better.
I chatted with the concessionaires and explained our new plans. They were relieved, as once settled, they wouldn’t have to tear down and set up again every few days. We would be relatively closer to some larger cities, so they could assure us to continue the high quality of food and drink.
So, we were set. Lucas asked to ride with me and since he didn’t mind my cigars, so long as I shared. So Dr. D, in his rental field vehicle, and Lucas and I in the Hummer, hit the trail first. We’d be there in three or so hours. Real geologists don’t get lost out in the field, they just become slightly temporarily dislocated.
Not to waste any time, I had Lucas get on the radio and relate our plans to the Bureau. After this, he called the Nevada State Troopers and let them know what we were up to as well; just in case, as insurance. He called the local police in the town of Goonhaven, NV to warn them that we were on the way. They were most appreciative. They liked geologists and miners. They even gave us the address and phone number of the town’s single liquor store.
We had a radiotelephone lash up through the Bureau HF radio, so I had Lucas call the Boozerama and advise them we’ll need a lot of clear ice for the catering guys. Plus they might just want to go ahead and lay in a double, ok, triple supply of beer as there’s a gaggle of thirsty pseudogeologists on the way that are going to hang around for a week or more.
I asked them if they had any Russian Imperial Export vodka. They said they had some, but a good variety and supply of other brands. I thanked them and warned them again, that the geologists were coming. I also requested that they source some Bitter Lemon and a few cases of assorted Nehi flavors. They said they would try.
Always nice to phone ahead and give ample warning. Elicits discounts.
Lucas was a natural as a navigator.
“OK, Rock. Stay on the goat path until you hit Big Barn rock. Take a left and head up to Copperhead Canyon. Once past the canyon, go right on past Nellie’s Nipple and follow the arroyo. Once you pass Sniggler’s Gulch, hang a right and another right and we’ll be on the road to Gobbler’s Knob.”
I lowered my polychromic safety squints in place and said: “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”.
I dropped the Hummer into low, stomped the gas, and leaped out across the desert; the trailer with nearly a ton of high explosives bouncing jauntily behind us.
Lucas started to protest, thought better of it, got us both a cold drink out of the back seat, just sat, white-knuckled it as he watched the desert fly by.
We made great time as we averaged some 60 miles per hour over the flat, rocky desert.
Well, maybe not average, but we did hit 60 mph until Lucas got too alarmed and worried feverishly over the trailer full of boom that was fast on our tails.
We pulled into the ghost town of the main Gobbler’s Knob camp. It was a large, open area up in the mountains. We got out and began our photoreconnaissance.
There was a lot of antique mining equipment and paraphernalia up here. Looks like we were either too high up in the middle of nowhere or perhaps the locals didn’t care enough to brave the route up to the camp area. It was as close to pristine as one could get in the region. It really looked like with a little spit and polish, one could fire up the mines once again.
The Gobbler’s Knob mining district covers an area of approximately 30 square miles in the Grunion Range in Nevada. Gold was discovered in the Gobbler’s Knob district in 1905, although quartz veins in the vicinity of the ‘Knob’ had been worked as early as 1866. The district immediately became one of the bigger "boom camps" of Nevada. The greatest production was reached in 1931, and since that time mining has declined until it was abandoned in the early 1940s. Placer gold, post-1945, from the deep gravels of the adjacent gulches have added to the total output. Total gold revenues from the area topped $550 million dollars.
The geology is extremely complex. The southern part of the district is underlain by closely folded Paleozoic rocks. These formations have been divided into five units, to four of which local names have been given. The oldest of these units, probably of Cambrian age, consists dominantly of siliceous mica-schist but contains beds and lenses of quartzite and dark sandstone and five beds of crystalline limestone. The total thickness exposed is estimated to be about 5,000 feet. Above this, and provisionally assigned to the Ordovician, is about 800 feet of chloritic schist, altered by thermal metamorphism to a "knotted" schist. This unit, in turn, is followed by 800 feet of gray limestone, partly altered to black jasper, which near the top grades into black slates. The lowest fossiliferous stratum is a thin bed of black slate' containing graptolites, which is separated from the underlying limestone by a thin layer of quartzite. The graptolites are of No-Kill-I (Ordovician) age. Above the graptolite bed is limestone similar in character to that below, followed by a great thickness of chloritic schist, with here and there thin beds of cherty slate and crystalline limestone. The total thickness of this group of beds probably exceeds 4,000 feet in the area mapped.
The Gobbler’s Knob mining district has produced an additional $350 million worth of copper, lead, silver, and rare earth elements. Productive rocks include the Pogostik Group, Euyankinme Quartzite, and Awfully Good Formation of Ordovician age, Lonesome Goose Dolomite of Silurian age, the Nowheyinhell Formation and Devil’s Dingus Limestone of Devonian age, and unnamed clastic units of Mississippian age, notably Bob’s Lime, the Coonskin Quartzite, and the Frammish metaconglomerates.
These rocks were folded into an overturned anticline and then broken by high-angle normal and reverse faults. Paleozoic rocks were intruded by a granitic stock having a rhyolite porphyry core and by rhyolite porphyry dikes. Primary pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena, and sphalerite and tetrahedrite in host rocks of marble and diopside and garnet skarn have been altered by weathering to oxide, carbonate, sulfate and silicate minerals. Some mineralized rock contains remarkably high concentrations of rare earth elements and beryllium.
We had carte blanche out here. We were the only bipedal mammals, as far as we could see, for hundreds, if not thousands, of square miles. Lucas tried to raise any local folks on the HF, VHF, ULF, and CB radios. Nothing. We were isolated, but we had our traveling funnel-cake trailers bringing up the rear. It was as nice a field area as one could ask.
Lucas and I scouted the area looking for an area to erect Camp Central. I had almost decided in occupying one of the larger old miner’s shacks. That is until Lucas pointed out the local indigenous population of packrats, coyotes, possums, and probably fleas, ticks, mites, no-see-um’s, and snakes.
“Good idea, Lucas”, I replied after reflection, “Let’s find us a new spot to camp out.”
Dr. D can slaloming into the ‘Knob in a flurry of dust and flying alluvium.
“Sorry I’m late, Guys, “he apologized, “But I found an outcrop of jaspalite out in the desert. I just had to stop and take samples.”
He showed us the jaspalized lahar, or quartzified ancient volcanic mudflow, samples. They were a riot of colors. Blood red jasper, green jadeite, yellow topaz, bluish-quartz knots, and purplish purpurite, a purply-purple mineral species.
It was very purple.
Esme would have loved some samples to play with if all her lapidary equipment wasn’t already in storage.
Dr. D got out the Gobbler’s Knob topographic map and stood on the roof of his rental, another reason rental car companies hate geologists, peering through his binoculars.
Lucas and I were exploring around the old campsite when Dr. D called us over.
A short distance away, there was a prominent wavy outcrop of thickly bedded sandstone. It has some nice re-entrants, like little rocky bays in an ancient geological harbor. This was fairly close to the flat highlands of the main camp but would be a prime dwelling for trailers, with some degree of privacy and the off-site storage of nearly a ton of high explosives.
In front of the outcrop, was a flat, wind-swept sandy blowout area that would be prime for the catering trailers.
If we parked the Porta Johns behind the outcrop, they’d still be close enough to be of facility. But they’d be distant enough that we wouldn’t be gassed in our sleep if the winds shifted during the night.
Plenty of parking off-site a piece once the trailers were set. The general area showed no signs of being anything of a hydrological nature, so it didn’t act as a wadi boundary, nor were we camping in a dry wash. We should be protected from the worst of the winds and rain if the inevitable summer high-desert thunderstorm rolled through.
“Boom!”, I said, “Gentlemen, we have a camp! First come, first served. Let’s go claim our spots.”
We all smiled, piled into our respective vehicles and drove the 350 meters or so over a small rise to our new home for the next week plus.
I found a very secure dead-end slot-canyon for the trailer. I backed it in, disconnected it from the Hummer, and secured it to some rock bolts Lucas and I pounded into the very living rock walls of the canyon.
Lucas and I chose the next re-entrant to the left. It was one of the larger ones, plenty of space to park the Hummer and for Lucas and my tents. Dr. D selected the one immediately to the right of Trailer Canyon. His rental fit in parallel to the rock face, and he pitched his tent between the rock wall and his vehicle. He had a flat area to pitch his tent, drag out his work table, and sling his hammock between the car and the outcrop. He’d be protected from the wind and rain, and any onslaught other than directly vertical.
Clever dude.
He even erected a sun-shade he devised from a thick sheet of tarpaulin and some support pipes he scrounged from the surrounding area. We helped him fabricate this bit of brilliance with guy lines attached to rock bolts we pounded into the outcrop and extra tent pegs anchored deep into the desert floor.
Very clever. He was secure as houses now.
We were set and ready to go. All we needed now was the rest of the retinue to arrive.
Lucas went walkabout once we had dragged out my worktable and one of the coolers I carried. I was working away on my field notebooks when Lucas ran up with a 2x2 foot square sheet of what appeared to be weathered white Masonite.
“What you got there, Luc?”, Dr. D asked.
“There’s tons of this shit lying around”, Lucas explained, “All the same size and thickness. I figure we’re going to be here a while, so we gather some posts, and we have a supply of ready-made signs for the crowd when they arrive.”
So, Lucas, Dr. D and I spend the next couple of hours devising road signs for the new arrivals.
“Slot 1 =>. Slot 2 =>.” And so one for the basic trailer parking/tenting slots.
“Food =>”, which needed to wait until the caterers' arrival.
“Shitters =>”, again, had to wait until the Porta-San farm arrived.
And so on and so forth.
All in bright day-glow orange.
Lucas and I did a rattlesnake sweep through the entire camp area and found not even a shed skin. We did find a slot canyon cut clear through the outcrop that would provide great access to the Porta Johns behind the outcrop. It was like this place was designed for us.
The food trailers and Porta Sans arrived at virtually the same time. We directed each to the area we thought would be best for each. The Porta San driver agreed this was a good place for the loos, especially since they’d be out of the elements and still close enough to be a convenience.
The caterers hemmed and hawed a while, but over a cold beer or two, decided the areas we already designated would prove to be acceptable, with a few minor alterations. A little C-4 remade those minor alterations and relocated some errant boulders. Before you knew it, we were back in business.
We figured the day would be a wash as it would take these hydroheads most of the day to find their shoes, much less a distant campsite. So, Lucas and Dr. D went out in his vehicle and posted sings to help direct these hopeless folks to the campsite.
I stayed back at camp and pored over the maps, literature, and write-ups regarding the area and the mines it contained.
There were literally hundreds of mines out there. Some no more than small prospect drifts that chased a vein of precious metals until it petered out in a few hundred yards. Others were full-fledged scary-ass deep, hard rock mines with vertical transit shafts whose depths were measured in thousands of feet.
I discounted those the Bureau hadn’t vetted as to animal worthiness and those that were deemed animal sanctuaries. A quick count left me with 104 mines to choose from. Some I could close “Old School” with a bundle of dynamite and a quick tug on a set-pull-forget and toss fuse.
Others were so extensive, it would take me and a trained crew at least a week to explore, devise, set, prime, and charge the thing.
OK, I selected 10 easy mines for quick annihilation and set those aside as Class-1, the easiest bundle-of-boom, for later. Sort of a bonus as the project drew to a close.
I mean, who wouldn’t want to go all 1880s and pop the fuse on a bundle of stick dynamite then chuck them down a deep hole?
I know I would.
Then I chose five or six what I considered medium-class, or Class-2, mines. Multi-level, dry, no real obvious nasties like rotten cribbing, loose broke down piles of rock, talc…gad, talc… or noxious gasses. These went into pile number two.
Then I chose two that I considered Class-3 mines. Real bastards. Multi-level, flooded, raises, winzes, stopes, shifts, staves, shafts, tunnels, all sorts of fun shit. I decided that Dr. D, Lucas and I would discuss which of these we’d close. It was a point of vanity, I guess. I needed to nuke just one of these tricky fuckers to show the Bureau what they were going to be missing once I left. As well as prove what I can accomplish out in the field, even saddled with a passel of greenhorns.
With my field notebooks up to date, all my demolition paperwork in order, and piles of mine candidates to choose from, I declared the day a wash and lit the drinking light.
Dr. D looked at our supplies and declared it inadequate. Besides, we didn’t have any Bass Ale, his favorite tipple. He decides that he and Lucas would run into town, only about 75 miles distant, pick up the necessary supplies, and bet me a sawbuck he’d return before the first camper made camp-fall.
“You’re on!”, I said as I handed Lucas the cash for the wager. I also slipped him a few extra bucks if he found any good looking cigars, vodka, bourbon or beer we just couldn’t live without.
The concessions folks got wind of our plans and asked if one of their tribe could accompany Dr. D and Lucas to town with a couple of coolers for ice. They could make ice on-site, but it’d be hours before they had any in abundance. Dr. D had no problem with that as they could bungee the coolers down to the roof rack of the rental.
I asked Dr. D if this extra time to get ice would invalidate our wager.
In a flurry of dust and cigar smoke, he yelled out the window as he, Lucas and the food court guy hauled ass town ward: “No way! I’ll still beat them all back!”
I was essentially alone out in the wilds of Nevada’s high desert. Nothing much to do, I loafed around, wandered over to the boomtown remains and had a look round, and generally just mooched about waiting.
Back at Rock Central, as Dr. D had christened our campsite; as he had created, posted, and signed the signs to prove it, I was called over to one of the cook trailers. They had questions for me.
They wanted to know what the gunfire was all about the other day. They’d heard rumors of everything from armed insurgency to just some late-night target practice.
I regaled them of the story of the ‘Motorcycle Gang That Couldn’t Think Straight’ and they laughed and laughed. They were pleased to know they were well protected out here in the boonies.
After that, with nothing much else to do, I offered them all a beer or whatever else they could find in my depleted larders. They gratefully accepted and we sat around, just shootin’ the shit for a while.
Two or three beers in, one of the head chefs excused himself and returned a bit later with an unlabeled bottle of suspicious-looking clearish fluid.
“We keep some on hand for emergencies”, he told me, “But since they were working for the Bureau and had to conform to their rules, we were asked to run a dry camp.”
“Well,” I said, “As long as it’s kept under control, and as I’m the sole Bureau representative here; I don’t run a dry camp, so if it’s kept low-key, I don’t see a damned thing.”
After the whoops and hollers died down, I was presented an iced glass of very suspicious-looking homemade high-octane hooch. The head chef, who assured me he has CIA credentials, i.e., Culinary Institute of America, and knew how to run a still, promised me I’d find his latest creation most enjoyable. Or unusual, I forget which.
Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ on A Soda Cracker! That stuff was smooth.
No, not smooth. What’s the opposite of smooth? Sandpapery? Abrasive? Crenulate? Squamulose? Rock ripping?
He smiled broadly as I choked down that slug. I gasped for breath. My eyes glazed over. My ears were on fire. My teeth vibrated. My nose ran off. My tongue was contemplating filing for divorce.
It was pure loathsomeness. It was fucking horrendous. I hated the fucking stuff.
“Care for another?” he asked.
“Oh yes, please,” I replied.
A while later I heard a car approaching. Given the speed at which it was traveling, I knew without looking who it was.
Yep, five minutes later Dr. D roared into camp, sliding backward to a stop only feet from the lead chow trailer in a cloud of Cretaceous floodplain dust.
“Did I win?” he asked, as he looked the camp over. Lucas and the cook assistant fumbled out of the car as best their rubbery legs would allow.
“Sure as hell.” I replied, “Lucas, please pay the man.”
We helped remove the coolers of the roof of Dr. D’s car. Each was filled with a single crystal-clear block of water ice. Seems this old town still had an ice house and it was simple as squash to take dimensions of the cooler, and chip a chunk of the correct size off the glacier they had in the storerooms. The cook crew were ecstatic.
Dr. D found his Bass Ale and bought the town dry. Lucas had purchased a supply of classic field camp beers: Lucky Lager, Henry Weinhard's, Hamms, Blatz, Falstaff, Walter’s Bock, Grain Belt, and Buckhorn. It was frosty, ice-cold nostalgia.
Plus, Lucas found a bottle of George Dickel, Rebel Yell, and Hoggs Bourbon for me. As well as liters of Monopolowa, Popov, Bowmans’s, Royal Gate, and Ruskaya Vodka. He also admitted to a bottle of Yukon Jack and Captain Morgan for himself since everyone else was getting what they wanted. Plus three cases of really weird flavored Nehi soda. No Bitter Lemon though…he was disconsolate. But still smiling like a loon.
Dr. D had also stopped and filled his trunk with firewood purchased from a farmer on the outskirts of town. We stacked that centrally next to where we’d construct the communal fire pit.
The high desert. Out in the middle of absolute nowhere. Camping. Few creature comforts. A serious geology job laid out in front of us, a couple already behind us. Campfires. Good friends. Good food. Good cigars. Cheap booze.
It really was like coming home again.
Finally, some hours later, just as the sun was getting ready to bounce off the western edge of the desert, the trailers and campers began to arrive. They all caravanned, en masse so they wouldn’t get lost. Their tarmacked travels took them through many tank towns, so they stopped along the way for beer, booze, and other things to make the camp run that much more smoothly.
One after another, the tenters and campers pulled in. Dr. D, Lucas and I decided we had done enough for one day, so we sat at Lucas’ and my campsite, stoked a smallish campfire and decided to sample the wares of Dr. D’s sojourn to the big city.
The trailers all parked, first come, first served. No arguments, no bitching, no sweat. The tenters consolidated the northern end of the camp area, the trailers, the south.
The chow triangle was rung and it was dinner time, all right on schedule.
Deep-fried cod and chips, mushy peas, Toad in the Hole, Yorkshire Pudding, and roast joints of beef rounded out the British-themed meal. There was Spotted Dick, Banoffee pie, and Syllabub for pudding.
You had to eat your meat or you couldn’t have any pudding.
Maybe the chef really was CIA.
After tea, and before the drinking light was lit, I called everyone for a quick meeting to explain what I had intended for the next 10 days. I explained how Class -1, -2, and -3 mines were defined. I noted that we would, at minimum, close at least one of each type in our time remaining. Everyone would be in on Class 1 & 2 mines, but I’d only ask for volunteers for the single Class-3 mine, due to its inherent complexity and danger.
I also noted that since this would be home for the next near score of days, that I have access to VHF, HF, UHF, ELF, SW, and CB radios, with a lash up for telecommunications with the Bureau HF radio, if there was an emergency. I also have a satellite phone if there were any particularly spectacular emergencies. It was available, but not for idle chit chat. Perhaps, later in the week, I noted, I could allow a 10-minute call home for everyone if there was nothing untoward that happened in the interim.
There were general shouts of approval on all points. I asked for questions, and there were none. Either I was that good at covering all the bases of these guys were really thirsty.
“Folks”, I said, “The drinking light is lit. Remember, we muster front and center tomorrow 0630. Please bear that in mind. Naz dirovya!
After a catered breakfast of breakfast pizza, breakfast burritos, and breakfast Egg WacMuffins, I had the whole crowd assembled, most all sipping coffee and a few lamenting some real humdinger headaches.
“OK, gang”, I began, “Class-2 mines today. Class-1 mines are super easy, barely an inconvenience. I’m retaining them as door prizes for the best mine demolishers nearer the end of the week. I won’t say much about these exit prizes, but suffice to say, think 1880s, and bundled sticks of dynamite.”
That got the crowd’s interest.
As usual, I broke the crowd up into groups. Dr. D, being near as up as me on mine construction and dangers, so kindly offered to take one group in the morning so I could handle the second group in the afternoon, or vice versa, just for flavor. After that, we’d compare notes, ask for volunteers, go back in and charge the mines. Then, we’d retire to a safe distance and blow the living shit out of them.
We’d alternate, and when I wasn’t in the mine, he’d radio back what he thought would be appropriate to nuke these mines out of existence. I’d begin work on building the demolition charges. After which, I’d store them, then I’d take a group on a walkthrough. We’d all get together, have a powwow, get people’s impressions and concerns of the mine and formulate a demolition procedure.
That way, in six days we blasted out of existence six Class-2 mines. We were humming along like a well-oiled machine. No bitching, no kvetching, just lots and lots of questions, good food, cheap booze, and cheaper beer with mines closing left and right.
Things were actually humming right along. Until the afternoon of day 8.
Clouds rolled in, covering the skies with their frothy white, billowy cloudiness.
I was looking up to the unfolding aerial montage when Lucas and Dr. D wandered over.
“You saw it as well.”, Dr. D noted., “Best get the word out, it’s going to be a real toad-floater.” He and Lucas were old-time field hands out in the desert. They knew what was coming.
I agreed, this had all the earmarks of a major-league desert thunderstorm. Heavy rain, wicked winds, thundering thunder, dismal darkness, all split by jagged lightning.
I called for an immediate camp meeting.
“Folks,” I said loudly, so the cook crew could hear as well, “Look due up. We’re in for a real humdinger of a summer thunderstorm. As soon as we’re finished here, get back to your camp. Secure everything not nailed down. Check guy ropes and make sure they’re doubled-down. If it’s loose, pack it, or nail it down tight. I don’t know how many of you have experienced Mother Nature at her nastiest out in the field, but make no mistake, she’s got stuff that makes my best explosives look like Tinker Toys. Get sorted and hunker down. There will be wind. There will be rain. There will be wind. They may be hail, so tenters, you might want to call in some favors with the folks who have trailers. Questions?”
There were none, but Dr. D added, “Rock ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie here, gang. It’s got all the earmarks of being a nasty bugger. Prepare to take cover and hunker down solid.”
They saw that when the two most senior field trippers said that this was to be a real event, it’s best to listen and ask questions later.
The camp scattered. Lucas and I flattened our tents, no need getting them ripped to shreds.
I made certain the explosives trailer was nailed down, locked, and well-grounded. What are the odds of a lightning strike? Don’t care. I made double-damn uber-certain.
Dr. D flattened his camp and said he’d ride it out in his rental. I offered him a spot in the Hummer, as it was big enough for us to sack out if the storm lingered.
He declined. He said he’d be fine in his rental.
The cook trailers were stowed and secured, and if the Port-a-San farm took a hit, there wasn’t much now we could do but hope otherwise.
Lucas, Dr. D and I sat out in out camp chairs, with fresh cigars and beers, savoring the ridiculously salubrious pre-storm ozonic fresh air, awaiting the inevitable atmospheric show. The clouds above roiled, rolled, and built to astonishing heights. They grew as dark and foreboding as a volcanic ashfall. Over more beer and cigars, and maybe a tot of bourbon, we watched and waited.
And waited.
“Was this going to be a false alarm?” I wondered.
KA-HOLY SHIT-BOOM! The thunder roared.
Nope. Not this time.
We all sat outside admiring the coming show. It was going to be fun, lots of lightning and peals of thunder. Torrential rains, for certain, with that exciting hint of hail that might come for a visit.
Over beers, we sat, watched, and pointed out some of the amazing structures in a building series of cranky cumulonimbus clouds.
“PLOP!” the first drops of rain appeared. The camp chairs went into the back of the Hummer. Dr. D departed to his sanctuary and Lucas and I sat in the truck, fiddling with the radios to see if we could get any info on the storm.
KRRAACK! Lightning buzzed with a vengeance.
We’re in the high desert out here. Some 9,000’ plus above sea level. Puts us that much closer to the storm.
KABOOM! Thunder rumbled.
“Odd”, I thought, “Not much rain or wind…”
The Hummer rocked like it took a hit from an RPG. The rain and wind I wondered about had arrived.
If you had anything not locked down outside, it was well on its way to California by now.
Rain pummeled. Winds howled. Lightning cracked. Thunder rumbled.
And it got very, very dark.
Dr. D did a great job of picking out our camp location. The rain puddled, ponded, then ran off to the west. The winds, for at least a small part, were funneled around the campsite rather than lay waste to it.
But that’s where all the good things ended.
The hail began. Pea-sized first. Then marble-sized. Then organic, free-range, farm-fresh, egg-sized. Finally, high-velocity ice golf balls. It made a hell of a racket on the reinforced roof of the Hummer. I didn’t even want to think what it was doing to thin-sheet aluminum topped trailers.
It grew in intensity. Winds whipped even stronger. Hail bounced merrily of the outcrops, cook trailer’s roofs and the very ground. In short order, it looked as if it had snowed. The entire campsite’s grounds were covered with whole inches of accumulation of hailstones.
Then, as quickly as it appeared, it was over. The sun cautiously peeked through the waning clouds and lit the devastated tableaux for all to see.
Lucas, Dr. D and I got out of our vehicles to survey the circumstances. We brushed the icy accumulations off our tents and raised them so they’d begin drying. There would have been nothing left if we hadn’t collapsed them first.
Slowly, the rest of the campers showed up. They milled around the snow-like accumulation and just goggled. Many had never seen, much less experienced, such climatic fury firsthand.
Of course, everyone had to pick up and examine the hailstones. Then it happened, one northern wag decided that since it looked like snow, it must act like snow. One West Coaster was the first casualty. He took a hailstone snowball to the back.
That’s all it took, a snowball fight broke out. It was hilarious, even though I was less than amused when I played innocent bystander and took a snowball hit directly to the cocktail in my hand, spilling my drink.
“Of course you realize.”, I mused, “This means war.”
Many campers learned that day, through hard experience, you never start a snowball fight with Baja Canada and Real Canada residents. The carnage was spectacular.
It was a late night before anyone hit the sack. They were having too much fun.
I finally picked the last mine of the tour, the Gobbler’s Knob #33 shaft.
I gave it several days because it was a motherfucker.
Fully 7 levels deep. A central shaft that was 33’ across the diagonal, hence the mine’s name.
The deepest record we had for the mine was the last work face in level 7 was at 2,729 feet below surface level, more than a half a mile in depth.
The last reports were that level 7 might have flooded. Looks like I’m going to need some severely hardy folks to accompany me on this initial trek.
After dinner that night, I called a camp meeting. I explained the need for the initial reconnaissance of this mine, and I was looking for volunteers. This was an entirely optional mine, although I’d like input at the nightly meetings. You don’t have to go, but it’d probably look real good on those final reports I have to write up for everyone.
Yeah, no pressure. No pressure at all.
Of course, Dr. D and Lucas volunteered immediately. Truth be told, if that’s all that wanted to go, it would have been fine with me.
However, Dr. I, the Ms. maniac torpedo detonator from earlier, Dr. F, and Dr. H and his associate made the move forward.
“OK,” I declared, “That’s seven. Just in case, do any of you have technical rope-climbing skills? That might come in handy on this recon trip.”
Dr. H decided that it might be a bit too strenuous for him, but asked if his associate, Gary the Grad Student could accompany us. This guy was supposedly half-gibbon, he was that good of a technical climber. I almost told him to get bent as I didn’t need anyone showing me up.
Of course, I relented. I noted that we’d all meet here, tomorrow, fully kitted out with all our gear, at 0600 for the initial assault. We’d take the Hummer as it had plenty of room. The mine adit itself was less than a mile distant, but we’d get so knackered walking that distance even in the early morning desert heat, that I insisted we drive, even if it took a couple of trips.
There was a pretty good Happy Hour that night, but not for six of the more intrepid adventurers. We held off until after our explorations were complete.
I had copies of the latest mine schematics and handed one out to everyone.
“Carry this with you and mark it as you go”, I said, “Find something not on the map, like an ore chute, drift, stope, raise, or winze, make a note. Also, keep tabs on where you are at all times.”
All agreed as this was serious nut cuttin’ time. This mine could be a real killer. I doubt it’s going to cut any of us any slack.
After checking and re-checking our gear, at the mine adit, we synchronized our watches and rechecked our coordinates. Our ELF radios would work underground as would the mine GPS we had along.
To be continued.
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Results of the April 2018 State of the Game Survey

Hi all,

It’s time for the results!

Thank you to all who participated, I hope you enjoyed it! If you responded to the survey or find these results valuable, upvotes to increase the visibility are much appreciated. I don’t want anyone who took the time to respond to miss seeing the results!

As always, neither myself nor this survey are associated with Intelligent Systems or Nintendo in any way. Please direct feedback about the game itself to the official channels.

Now let’s get into it! Album with all the graphs combined is linked in the closing remarks section, though I’d recommend reading the post itself as it contains more analysis and comparisons to previously-asked questions to show trends.
Previous Survey Results: The_Great_Survey’s_Trends_Over_Time_Analysis | Hero_Catalog_And_Hero_Rarity_Analysis | January_State_of_the_Game | February_State_of_the_Game | March_State_of_the_Game

~ Demographics ~

71.8% began playing FE:H in February 2017, with 7.1% more joining in March 2017. 0.7% of respondents joined in March and April 2018. Full results here: [Graph].

30.3% report being F2P, a 3.3% drop from the previous survey. 13.9% have spent less than $20, 18.0% spent between $21 - $100 and 8.7% have spent over $1000. Full results here: [Graph].

The average age is around 21-22 years old. Full results here: [Graph]. Remember that these results are influenced by the subreddit’s demographics and are not representative of the larger player population.

81.1% of respondents are male, 15.6% female, and 1.4% non-binary. Remember that these results are influenced by the subreddit’s demographics and are not representative of the larger player population. [Graph].

78.4% of respondents are in Arena tier 18 or above. 25.7% are tier 20. The median tier is 19, and the average is 18.35. Full results here: [Graph].

9.2% of respondents say that they stay in Tier 20 on a consistent basis (more than 50% of the Arena seasons and at least twice in a row on more than one occasion), compared to 89.7% who do not. [Graph].

~ Summoning ~

F!Robin (Fell Vessel) Legendary Banner is the most summoned-from banner since the previous survey, with 83.0% of respondents reporting that they have used orbs on it at least once. Hares at the Fair is the runner-up at 75.3%, followed by World of Thracia at 63.6%. Full results here: [Graph].

F!Robin (Fell Vessel) Legendary Banner is the most common orb-draining banner since the previous survey, with 32.5% of respondents reporting that they used the most orbs on it. Runner-up is Hares at the Fair at 28.5%, followed by World of Thracia at 15.1%. Full results here: [Graph].

Hares at the Fair is the most common favorite banner since the previous survey, with 22.5% of respondents reporting it as their favorite. Runner-up is F!Robin (Fell Vessel) Legendary Banner at 21.6%, followed by World of Thracia at 16.3%. Full results here: [Graph].

13.3% spent money on orbs specifically for the Hares at the Fair banner. [Graph].

Kagero (HatF) was the most summoned for on the Hares at the Fair banner at 43.1% of respondents pulling for them. Catria (HatF) and Sharena (HatF) are tied next at 35.2% and 35.1% respectively, followed by Alfonse (HatF) at 27.5%. [Graph].

Kagero (HatF) was the most commonly obtained hero on the Hares at the Fair banner at 29.6%. However, Sharena (HatF) had a higher rate of obtainment than Catria (HatF) at 27.5% compared to 22.7%. Alfonse (HatF) was obtained by 24.3% of respondents. [Graph].

18.2% spent money on orbs specifically for the F!Robin (Fell Vessel) Legendary Banner. [Graph].

F!Robin (Legendary) was the most summoned for on the F!Robin (Fell Vessel) Legendary Banner by the huge margin, at 70.2% of respondents pulling for them. The next closest is Sakura (ToD) at 25.0%, followed by Nowi (ToD) at 23.5%. [Graph].

F!Robin (Legendary) was the most commonly obtained hero on the F!Robin (Fell Vessel) Legendary Banner at 32.2%. The two other colorless focus heroes had much higher obtainment rates than other colors. Full results here: [Graph].

Opinions on the summoning pool changes are overwhelmingly positive, with 92.5% rating the changes at a 4/5 or above. The average ranking was 4.51. [Graph].

Opinions on alternate versions of characters already in the game skew positive, with 31.7% liking most alternate versions, 30.8% liking a few alternate versions, 17.6% neutral, 15.4% who don’t like most alternate versions, and only 4.2% who don’t like alternate versions at all. [Graph].

32.7% purchased the April Orb Promo. [Graph].

~ Grand Hero Battles & Bound Hero Battles ~

93.4% completed GHB Saias on Hard, 89.1% on Lunatic, and 76.4% on Infernal. [Graph].

94.5% completed BHB Tiki & Nowi on Hard, 91.8% on Lunatic, and 83.4% on Infernal. [Graph].

94.4% completed Legendary Hero Battle F!Robin (Fell Vessel) on Hard, 84.0% on Lunatic, and I mistakenly forgot the Infernal option in the survey. It will appear on the May State of the Game Survey. [Graph].

The average difficulty rating for GHB Saias Hard is 1.70, Lunatic is 2.49, and Infernal is 3.46. [Graph].

The average difficulty rating for BHB Tiki and Nowi Hard is 1.67, Lunatic is 2.29, and Infernal is 3.06. [Graph].

The average difficulty rating for LHB F!Robin (Fell Vessel) Hard is 2.41, Lunatic is 3.38, and Infernal is 4.36. [Graph].

29.9% have taken advantage of the 0 stamina to grind Hero Merit on GHB and BHB maps, compared to 69.8% who have not. [Graph].

4.2% have used macros or other hands-free automation tools to grind Hero Merit on GHB and BHB maps, compared to 95.5% who have not. [Graph].

58.2% feel that the 0 stamina cost change made them more likely to try to solve GHB content on their own, compared to 1.6% who say it made them more likely to look up solutions. 39.8% are neutral or saw no change in their motivation to clear GHB content on their own. [Graph].

GHB Elite (Rotation 1) Quests Completion:
  • 49.2% completed all four Navarre quests
  • 46.2% completed all four Lloyd quests
  • 44.8% completed all four Michalis quests
  • 39.0% completed all four Narcian quests
  • 38.3% completed all four Xander quests
  • 36.7% completed all four Ursula quests
  • 36.3% completed all four F!Robin quests

43.5% have not completed all four quests for any of the GHB Elite Rotation 1. [Graph].

GHB Elite (Rotation 2) Quests Completion:
  • 52.3% completed all four Clarisse quests
  • 52.3% completed all four Zephiel quests
  • 48.5% completed all four Camus quests
  • 47.7% completed all four Berkut quests
  • 45.5% completed all four Legion quests
  • 42.3% completed all four Arvis quests
  • 37.6% completed all four Valter quests

38.0% have not completed all four quests for any of the GHB Elite Rotation 2. [Graph].

~ Tempest Trials ~

Invisible Ties (Boss: M!Robin (Fallen Hero)) Tempest Trials:
  • 61.7% reached the final orb reward at 99,999
  • 91.8% reached the Def Tactics Seal
  • 94.5% reached the 5* Gerome
  • 96.0% achieved the Res Ploy 1 Seal
  • 96.8% reached the Obstruct 1 Seal
  • 98.3% reached the 4* Gerome
  • [Graph].

Gerome was the most-used Bonus Unit at 54.3%, followed by Olivia (44.9%) and Cherche (34.4%). [Graph].

3.54 is the average enjoyment rating, and 51.8% rated their enjoyment at a 4/5 or better. [Graph].

2.89 is the average difficulty rating, and 24.4% rated the difficulty at a 4/5 or better. [Graph].

Opinions on changes to Tempest Trials (eg. Tempest Trials +) are overwhelmingly positive, with 4.41 as the average rating, and 87.3% rating them at a 4/5 or better. [Graph].

69.9% say that Tempest Trials + is their preferred Tempest Trials mode, while 19.1% prefer Tempest Trials Mini, and 3.9% prefer the regular Tempest Trials. [Graph].

~ Grand Conquest ~

2.83 is the average enjoyment rating, and 27.2% rated their enjoyment at a 4/5 or better. [Graph].

3.36 is the average difficulty rating, and 46.7% rated the difficulty at a 4/5 or better. [Graph].

2.67 is the average rating for the rewards given, and 22.8% rated the rewards at a 4/5 or better. [Graph].

70.4% reached Tier 20 in Grand Conquest. The average tier was 17.9. Full results here: [Graph].

49.1% report playing less after reaching Tier 20, while only 1.0% played more after reaching Tier 20 and 21.9% played the same amount. [Graph].

48.9% used Autobattle when playing Grand Conquest, compared to 50.8% who did not. [Graph].

Only 12.4% of respondents were on the same team all 3 rounds. 45.1% switched teams once, and 38.2% switched teams twice. [Graph].

5.3% believe Grand Conquest was balanced for all 3 teams, compared to 79.7% who believe it was not. [Graph].

46.6% would enjoy Grand Conquest more if it had a different gameplay style from Rival Domains, compared to 17.4% who would not. [Graph].

30.1% thought the length of each round was too long, compared to 8.7% who thought they were too short, and 37.2% who thought the length of each round was just right. [Graph].

Use of friend units was split, with 4.8% using friend units exclusively, 28.5% using friend units more often, 25.0% used both equally as often, 29.1% used their own units more often, and 10.8% used their own units exclusively. [Graph].

30.2% believe Grand Conquest needs a lot of improvement, 50.3% believe some improvements are needed, 17.9% believe a little improvement is needed, and 0.1% believe no improvement is needed. [Graph].

If the Grand Conquest team could be chosen, 27.5% would be on Team Alfonse, 32.1% would be on Team Sharena, and 24.8% would be on Team Anna. [Graph].

~ Specialty Teams ~

In Arena Offense:
  • 17.1% use Horse Emblem frequently (-0.1%)
  • 15.7% use Flier Emblem frequently (-2.1%)
  • 15.3% use Armor Emblem frequently (-6.9%)
  • 10.8% use Dragon Emblem frequently (-1.1%)
  • 47.9% use Infantry Teams frequently (-5.6%)
  • 69.3% use Mixed Teams frequently (-3.0%)

In Arena Defense:
  • 14.4% use Horse Emblem frequently (+0.6%)
  • 8.9% use Flier Emblem frequently (-0.6%)
  • 15.4% use Armor Emblem frequently (-5.9%)
  • 9.3% use Dragon Emblem frequently (-0.1%)
  • 39.6% use Infantry Teams frequently (-2.6%)
  • 64.5% use Mixed Teams frequently (-0.2%)

In Tempest Trials, GHBs/BHBs, and other content:
  • 42.6% use Horse Emblem frequently (+4.3%)
  • 33.7% use Flier Emblem frequently (+0.5%)
  • 18.8% use Armor Emblem frequently (-5.3%)
  • 12.0% use Dragon Emblem frequently (+0.7%)
  • 51.2% use Infantry Teams frequently (-5.5%)
  • 79.4% use Mixed Teams frequently (+0.6%)

Percent who have the most merges (in total, on their main team):
  • 10.4% have the most merges on Horse Emblem (-1.2%)
  • 11.5% have the most merges on Flier Emblem (+0.4%)
  • 6.7% have the most merges on Armor Emblem (-0.9%)
  • 8.0% have the most merges on Dragon Emblem (+1.2%)
  • 29.8% have the most merges on Infantry Teams (-2.4%)
  • 30.9% have the most merges on Mixed Teams (+2.6%)

The team used most frequently:
  • 11.9% use Horse Emblem most frequently (+0.0%)
  • 11.5% use Flier Emblem most frequently (-0.3%)
  • 5.3% use Armor Emblem most frequently (-0.6%)
  • 5.0% use Dragon Emblem most frequently (+0.5%)
  • 26.5% use Infantry Teams most frequently (-2.3%)
  • 38.9% use Mixed Teams most frequently (+3.2%)

~ Intelligent Systems Approval Ratings ~

The approval ratings are calculated by the proportion of Approve responses compared to the number of both Approve and Disapprove responses.

Percent who approve of the way Intelligent Systems is handling each aspect of the game:
  • 98.1% - Daily Login Bonuses (+1.8%)
  • 90.3% - The Friends List (+58.1%)
  • 96.3% - Quests & Missions (+0.1%)
  • 93.3% - The Sacred Seal Forge (-0.6%)
  • 91.9% - The Weapon Refinery (+1.9%)
  • 83.3% - The Story (-10.8%)
  • 42.8% - Voting Gauntlets (+2.8%)
  • 72.3% - Arena (+13.0%)
  • 45.8% - Arena Assault (+5.8%)
  • 95.8% - Tempest Trials (+5.9%)
  • 97.1% - Grand Hero Battles (+3.6%)
  • 88.0% - Bound Hero Battles (+27.4%)
  • 43.4% - Blessings & Seasons (+7.6%)
  • 60.6% - New Heroes (-16.8%)
  • 81.0% - Summoning Banners (-0.8%)
  • 46.9% - Tap Battle (-12.2%)
  • 76.8% - Squad Assault (-6.1%)
  • 85.9% - Chain Challenges (-2.5%)
  • 93.2% - Summoner Support (+2.4%)
  • 91.4% - Ally Support (+1.7%)
  • 26.5% - Grand Conquest

78.1% approve of the way Intelligent Systems is handling Fire Emblem: Heroes as a whole, up 0.3% from the last survey, while 3.6% disapprove. [Graph].

79.2% believe Intelligent Systems cares about its Free to Play userbase, up 3.9% from the last survey, while 8.7% do not. [Graph].

~ Miscellaneous Topics ~

5.60 is the average highest merge level achieved on a 4* unit, up (+0.15) from the last survey. The median is 6. A +10 merge on at least one 4* unit has been achieved by 33.2% of players, up (+4.0%) from the last survey [Graph].

5.44 is the average highest merge level achieved on a 5* unit, up (+0.73) from the last survey. The median is 5. A +10 merge on at least one 5* unit has been achieved by 22.2% of players, up (+5.4%) from the last survey [Graph].

GHBs/BHBs were voted the most fun game mode by 33.3% of respondents. Runner-ups are Tempest Trials (21.0%), Arena (10.2%), and Story Maps (9.7%). [Graph].

Arena Assault was voted the most tedious game mode by 26.9% of respondents. Runner-ups are Rival Domains (16.4%), Voting Gauntlet (12.6%), and Tempest Trials (10.4%). [Graph].

Eirika’s Sieglinde is the most commonly-performed Weapon Refine at 25.2% of respondents having refined it. Runner-ups are Ephraim’s Siegmund (24.2%), Masked Marth’s Falchion (23.9%), Caeda’s Wing Sword (21.9%), and Raven’s Basilikos (21.7%). Full results here: [Graph].

Lloyd’s Regal Blade is the least commonly-performed Weapon Refine at 1.0%, followed by Karel’s Nameless Blade (1.8%) and Fir’s Nameless Blade (3.3%). Full Graph above.

89.5% play Arena every week/season, compared to 10.3% who do not. [Graph].

65.7% play Arena Assault every week/season, compared to 34.0% who do not. [Graph].

In terms of content clears: - 42.6% have fully completed Chain Challenge on the highest difficulty level - 53.3% have fully completed Squad Assault on the highest difficulty level - 91.3% have fully completed Blessed Gardens on the highest difficulty level - 45.9% have fully completed GHB Elite Rotation 1 Quests on the highest difficulty level - 47.6% have fully completed GHB Elite Rotation 2 Quests on the highest difficulty level - [Graph]

63.5% use Special Training Maps more often than Training Tower to train new units, compared to 33.7% who use Training Tower more often. [Graph].

~ 5* Hero Data ~

76.8 is the average number of Unique Available 5* Heroes, up 6.4 from last month (excluding duplicates, merges, SI’d or sent home units). Median is 75.

  • 61 is the cutoff for the 25th percentile
  • 75 for the 50th percentile
  • 90 for the 75th percentile
  • 105 for the 90th percentile
  • 120 for the 95th percentile

Other game data results:

171 is the average unique hero count (Catalog of Heroes number) at the time of this survey, up 9 heroes from last month. The median is 171.

~ Special Results: 5* Hero Data for Release Month F2Ps Only ~

73.7 is the average number of Available 5* Heroes for Release Month F2Ps only, up 7.4 from last month. Median is 74.

  • 65 is the cutoff for the 25th percentile
  • 74 for the 50th percentile
  • 84 for the 75th percentile
  • 93 for the 90th percentile
  • 100 for the 95th percentile

~ Bonus Questions ~

Who is your Favorite Hero?
  • Nowi (3.3%) is the winner, followed by Nino (3.1%) and Lucina (2.8%)
  • Top ten here: [Graph].
  • Runner-ups here: [Graph].
  • Since last time, Myrrh has risen four spots to 4th, Brave Lyn fell five spots to 11th, and Reinhardt rose fourteen places to 7th.

Who is the most Overrated Hero?
  • Reinhardt (17.9%) is the winner, followed by Ayra (10.4%) and Brave Lyn (9.2%)
  • Top ten here: [Graph].
  • Runner-ups here: [Graph].
  • Since last time, the top ten remained relatively stable with few significant place changes. However, the new Sword Reinhardt entered the Top Ten immediately at 4th place.

Who is the most Underrated Hero?
  • Alfonse (5.9%) is the winner, followed by M!Robin (2.0%) and Berkut (2.0%)
  • Top ten here: [Graph].
  • Runner-ups here: [Graph].
  • Since last time, Berkut rose seven places to 2nd, Arvis fell eight places to 10th, Jaffar rose six places to 5th, and Bartre rose seven places to 6th.

Who is your Most Wanted Hero?
  • Legendary F!Robin (Fell Vessel) (5.5%) is the winner, followed by Hector (4.2%) and Myrrh (3.6%).
  • Top ten here: [Graph].
  • Runner-ups here: [Graph].
  • Since last time, the top ten remained relatively stable, but Nephenee rose from below the top thirty to 10th place.

The year is 2050. The first character to have 100 alts is announced. Which hero is it?
  • Lucina (24.0%) is the winner, followed by M!Robin (19.2%), Camilla (11.1%), and F!Robin (8.3%).
  • Top ten here: [Graph].
  • If you consider both Robins the same character, they would win. In retrospect, this question should have had one entry per character.

The year is 2050. Who is the most popular character that still hasn’t been added to the game?
  • Owain is the winner, followed by Selkie, Sumia, Kliff, and Reina.
  • Top fifteen here: [Graph].

If you could have an alternate version of any character that’s already in the game, who would it be, and what would their alt be?
  • This one was difficult to parse, but the clear front-runners are Marth, Nino, Ryoma, Lachesis, and Julia (may have been influenced by the joke on the question)
  • Some interesting entries:
    • Lyn with Armads
    • Cavalry Genny but she's riding a giant sheep
    • Azura riding Corrin in dragon form like a cavalry dancer
    • Valentines Narcian (Weapon is a mirror)
    • Adult Nino. She's no longer trying her best, she is her best.
    • Hector. Pirate Hector with Arrrmads as a weapon.
    • Saber. Stupid sexy summer Saber.
    • Pantsless Marth
    • A Barst where I don’t die a little inside when I summon
    • Kana in chicken costume because Kana means chicken in my language
    • Summer Fae in a floating tire. She'd be a dagger unit who throws rubber duckies.
    • Owain as himself because Odin makes me sad
    • Thanksgiving Dorcas with Poisoned Mutton
    • Beats by Deirdre or Sunburnt Günnthrá
    • Pineapple Takumi. His entire body and head is replaced with a pineapple. His human arms and legs still remain the same while his bow shoots out arrows tipped with mini-angry Takumi faces as replacements for the arrowheads.

~ Feedback ~

As always, I received lots of great feedback, both in your survey responses and in the thread itself. A heartfelt thank you to all participants for your encouragements and criticisms - these surveys wouldn’t be where they are without your feedback. But it’s not all serious: feedback messages also included:

  • #GiveRyomaAnAlt, #JusticeForKnoll, #JusticeForReina, #JusticeForLachesis, #JusticeForLaguz, #JusticeForCanas, #JusticeForGreenDemotions
  • “Marth should get a thief alt to steal what got stolen from him” “I see how it is. IS forgets about Marth and so do you.” “Tfw not only IS ignores you but the State of the Game Survey does as well” This was an unforgiveable mistake >_<
  • “Angel of death >>>>> Angel of post combat chip damage. Jaffar alt when?” Speak for yourself, I love that he has a unique niche instead of being just another player-phase nuke.
  • “You were foolish to trust the Reinhardt. He was never your savior. He only saw an opportunity to use you to gain power through alts.”
  • Did you ever hear the tragedy of Lord Marth The Wise? I thought not. It’s not a story Intelligent Systems would tell you. It’s a fandom legend. Lord Marth was the main lord of the series, so powerful and so wise he could use his grab range to bring Fire Emblem to North America and Europe… He had such a knowledge of the series that he could even keep it from dying. The power of the Fire Emblem is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his relevance, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice, Lucina, everything he knew, then she killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could the series from death, but not himself.
  • “Domingo is best Shining Force character” Definitely the most broken, that’s for sure!
  • “We already have Swordmaster Lyn with Sol Katti and Nomad Trooper Lyn with Mulagir. Now we need Paladin Lyn with Durandal, Falcon Knight Lyn with Maltet, Berserker Lyn with Armads, Sage Lyn with Forblaze, Bishop Lyn with Aureola, Druid Lyn with Apocalypse, Valkyrie Lyn with Holy Maiden, Wyvern Lord Lyn with Eckesachs, and Master Lord Lyn with The Binding Blade.”
  • “Dragon Emblem is the superior Emblem.” It’s probably the best for long-term investment
  • “There are more surveys than Marth alts” To be fair, this is true for every character in the game
  • “Your use of ‘e.g.’ in survey question explanations should be corrected to ‘i.e.’ because you are rephrasing/detailing the question instead of giving a list of examples.” This is the most important feedback, thank you! I’ll fix it for next time.
  • And greetings from Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Vietnam, Boston, Colorado, East Tenessee, Puerto Rico, Ram Village, and Grado.

~ Song Parodies ~

We only have one this time, so shout-outs to u/juuldude for their parody “Leif” to the tune of "Breathe" by Jax Jones ft. Ina Wroldsen. [“Leif” by u/juuldude].

~ Closing Remarks ~

[For all of the graphs in one album, click here].

If you missed out on responding to this survey when it was available, check out FEHSurveys. Many users express concerns over missing out on new surveys, so this subreddit serves as a place to organize FE:H-related surveys, make new releases more visible, and make it easier for users to see when surveys are active. If you like to participate in these, consider subscribing!

The Emblem Teams Survey is coming in May! Now that Goad Dragons has been released, Dragon Emblem can be included. A question suggestion thread for the Emblem Teams Survey will be posted beforehand, as usual.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! I hope you find the results interesting, and if there’s anything else you think can be discovered from the data, let me know and I’ll do my best to oblige!
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Gender Education - The Letter A - From a Gay Trans Man

:ji (Pronounced yee) A gender or orientation that is in an fast outward motion
¿gender A gender that cannot be described in the English language. Latinx exclusive.
45,X/46,XY Mosaicism (Intersex),X/46,XY_mosaicism
*Abditusgender or Sectiogender * When you have a general idea of what your gender is but feel that it's still hiding important factors from you, or that it's slowly revealing itself to you but continues to keep some of itself hidden and you don't know how to bring it about.
Abimegender A gender identity which is profound, deep, and infinite. Can be used by itself, or as a prefix to describe another gender (abimegirl, abimeagender, etc). From "Old French - related to 'abyss'; from Latin a- 'without' byssos 'bottom'.
Abinary A term for anyone whose gender is completely unrelated to the gender binary (such as agender, quoigender, maverique or most xenogenders). However, this wasn't widely spread because it could give the idea that other nonbinary people weren't "nonbinary enough". Was coined to go along with midbinary.
Abrogender A gender that changes so fast that it can not be pinned down and/or having so many tiny aspects that you feel like you are continuously discovering your gender.
Absorgender or Absorbgender "A gender identity that is heavily influenced by the people around someone. For example, an absorgender person would feel more feminine when surrounded by women, or more masculine when surrounded by men.
If a particular gender has a stronger influence on a person’s identity, they may choose to use this identity as a prefix (absorboy, absornonbinary, etc)."
Abstragender A gender that's related to the abstract concept of another gender. Meant to be used as abstraboy, abstragirl, and so on.
Acervusgender "Hoarding genders. When one identifies with many similar genders but cannot decide which one(s) fit best. So they keep them all stashed under their armpits. The last bit is optional.
Root: Latin-Acervus: to stack, heap, hoard, or accumulate."
Adeptogender When your state of gender was obtained through your realization of your kinself, as in, your kin realization spurred your gender realization. (note: the gender and kin type do not necessarily have to correlate with each other)
Admasgender A gender that refuses to be categorized and that is rooted in an indomitable, indefinable essence.
Adversigender A gender that refuses to meet expectations; one who resents being told what their gender is, even if it is a term they previously applied to themselves.
Aerogender Where an individual’s gender relies highly on their setting and/or atmosphere, which can be composed of a great number of things (ex. who they're around, their level of comfort, the temperature, the weather, the time of day/year, etc.)
Aesigender A stylish, trendy gender.
Aesthetigender, Aesthetgender, or Videgender A gender experience that is derived from, or the embodiment of, an aesthetic.
Aethergender A gender that feels very wide, commanding, breathtaking and powerful. Can be combined with relevant genders.
AFAB, CAFAB, DFAB, FAAB Assigned Female At Birth / Coercively Assigned Female At Birth / Designated Female At Birth / Female Assigned At Birth
Affecgender A gender where your gender changes when you receive affection.
Affectugender "A gender that is affected by one’s neurodivergency especially fluctuating moods, e.g. feeling like a boy during depressive episodes and feeling more like a demigirl during euthymic episodes. Note: for people with mood disorders and personality disorders only. From the latin affectus (to feel)."
Agender "A nonbinary gender identity. People who are agender feel that they lack a gendehave no gender, or that there is not a gender that fits them. While this is a distinct identity from neutrois, the two are sometimes used interchangeably by agendeneutrois people, so the definition for neutrois may also apply to some agender people."
Agenderfluid or Cancegender A gender identity where one’s gender consistently comes back to agender, but fluctuates away from that center based on one’s emotions.
Aingender Aporagender In Nature. Umbrella term for genders that are aporagender in nature, similar to fingendeningendemingender but for aporagenders. Ain is pronounced like "rain".
Aisthesisgender or Synesgender "A gender that is made of sensation or sensations, or is a sensation or sensations. Hence aisthesis being the greek word for 'sensation'. A gender that can be colors, feelings, sounds, or shapes. But, can also be a gender associated with such. Can be a stand alone term, and one that describes another gender. Can be used by both synesthetes and non-synesthetes."
Alexigender A gender identity in which the person is aware that their gender is fluid, that it shifts between multiple genders, but is unable to label the individual genders that they experience.
Algiagender Having a gender which changes depending on your pain levels or type of pain you're feeling. Only for those with chronic pain.
Aliegender or Aliengender "A gender that is an interpretation of a gender or genders, from a nonhuman perspective. May or may not like to fit into a gender and adopt a gender, but in a sort of ‘alien trying out foreign species’s gender’ way. Can be combined with relevant genders."
Aliusgender or Aliagender A gender identity that is “other” and/or that is outside of existing social constructs of gender.
Altegender "Pronounced “alt-eh-gender” Derived from shortening the phrase “alternate existence.” It is a xenogender that feels as though it’s in a parallel dimension, on a different plane, in a mirror universe, or just in an alternate existence. Originally created to explain the distance one might feel due to neurodivergence, specifically dissociation or depression, it is still usable for any person who feels distanced from their gender.
These at the right are just some flag examples (altegirl, alteboy, altenby, altequeer, alteandrogyne, altefluid, altexoy, altexirl), there are more at the gallery."
Altersex "Altersex: a catch-all term consisting of alter, meant here as ""different"" or ""another possibility,"" and sex, referring to physiological primary and secondary sex characteristics. Altersex is meant to be used largely, but not exclusively, for fictional characters, describing body plans that are not found naturally in homo sapiens, or, in the case of real individuals using this as an identifier, those who have a mental body plan/view of their ""true"" self that has a body that fits under altersex.
AMAB, CAMAB, DMAB, or MAAB Assigned Male At Birth / Coercively Assigned Male At Birth / Designated Male At Birth / Male Assigned At Birth
Amaregender "A gender that changes depending on who you’re in love with. See also: Amorgender, Amicagender, Copygender, Mirrorgender, Ludogender, Reflectigender."
Ambigender A feeling of two genders simultaneously, without fluidity/shifting. May be used synonymously, in some cases, with bigender.
Ambonec or AN Gender identity in which you identify as both male and female, yet you also identify as neither, at the same time
Amicagender "A gender that changes depending on which friend you’re with at the moment. See also: Amaregender, Amorgender, Copygender, Mirrorgender, Ludogender, Reflectigender."
Amigender A gender that can be fit to be loved by the individual and they sometimes feel more in touch with a certain gender. Does NOT depend on an individual's assigned gender. Slightly different than nonpuella/nonpuer in the way that someone may be assigned female/male and they dont consider themself that gender but they like to present that way. It's also very changeable since the whole gender revolves around the user loving it (like someone could be a glassgender amigirl bc they love how it suits them at that time)
Amorgender, Erogender, or Filkogender "When your gender changes whilst in the presence of an individual to whom you have developed a deep connection for. This could be a romantic attraction, platonic connection, a spiritual affinity or anything similar. See also: Amaregender, Amicagender, Copygender, Mirrorgender, Ludogender, Reflectigender."
Amplusian, amplusgender a gender better described as a non-strict identity (not static, solid or stable), or when your gender is very wide, varied and miscellaneous.
Androfluid "It’s like demiboy, except your amount of “boy” seems to change. Possibly interchangeable/the same as boyflux." Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (Intersex)
Androgyne A gender identity where a person experiences a blending of genders, or feels that their identity is in between genders. Usually, but not always, people who identify as androgyne feel that their identity is a blending of male and female, or somewhere between those two genders. Androgyne people may or may not choose to present androgynously.
Androgyneflux A state where you have fluctuating feelings of masculinity and femininity, but your gender identity stays the same. Someone who is androgyneflux can be of any gender identity (binary trans, nonbinary, cis, etc.).
Androgynos "[Androgynos and Tumtum] are both genders from Jewish culture, so [both definitions are] here. Tumtum is where a person’s gender is hidden or private, and is closest to agender. Androgynos [This one] is where a person is intersex or otherwise has qualities of both a woman and a man, and thus would be closest to bigender. Both genders are assigned to children if they are born as intersex.
Angegender "A gender where you can't describe it with any word but hatred or anger. Usable only by neurodivergent people with mental illnesses that cause anger or hate."
Angeligender "A gender relating to god-kin or angel-kin which is hard to describe to non-kin. To quote @sapphiccrocker: “It's a gender that feels simultaneously soft, warm, and bright as well as hard, cool, and dark. If I were to describe it using colors it would be bright orange (like a sunset) and a pale grey-blue. To describe it in as few words, I would say it is a gender that would normally be a contradiction but is peaceful.”
Angenital or ANG A desire to be without sex characteristics. Does not correspond to any particular gender, and does not require any corresponding feeling of genderlessness.
Angugender A gender related to closeness.
Anintensigender The same concept as Intensigender (feeling your gender more intensely than most people would), but basically instead of feeling over 100% for a gender like bigender, Anintensigender is feeling over 100% for some form of agender Anler "From “anger” and “choleric”. This is a strong-willed gender, they feel determined and certain about who they are. They will feel angry if other people insist that their gender does not exist, and feel very grounded and supported by their gender.
Anonbinary or A-nonbinary "A gender that definitely isn’t binary, but is still even outside of nonbinary. Hence using the ‘a’ like in agender.
Anongender A gender that is unknown to both yourself and others.
Ansigender or Anesigender A feeling that one gender is more accurate or correct to describe a person’s identity, but that another identity is more comfortable for them.
Antegender A protean gender which has the potential to be anything, but is formless and motionless, and, therefore, does not manifest as any particular gender.
Antiagender or Unagender Opposite genderness of no gender (agenderness), but neither boy or girl. Not necessarily comgender.
Antiandrogyne, Antilingender, or Unandrogyne Opposite gender(s) of androgyne (lingender or ulimine). Not be confused with unbinary, abinary or antibinary.
Antibinary or Anti-binary "A gender identity that is in direct opposition to or unaffiliated with the western gender binary. A POC-specific identity."
Antigender or Ungender A gender identity that can only be understood as the opposite of another gender – for example, an antiboy would be the opposite of male.
Anxiegender "A gender affected by anxiety. See also: Imnigender, Genderanxious, Kynigender."
Apogender A gender identity in which one feels not only genderless, but separate from the entire concept of gender.
Apollogender When you have around 9 (from 6 to 10) different distinct feelings of gender, but they have mixed into one big gender identity. Named after Apollo, who was a god of 9 different things.
Aporagender A gender separate from man/boy, woman/girl, and anything in between while still having a gendered feeling.
Apsconsugender "A gender identity that is a process of elimination. What it is--is unknown, but the person is able to define what it isn’t. A gender where you know what it isn’t, but not what it is. like the gender is hiding itself from you. From the latin word absconsus, meaning hidden, secret, concealed, unknown."
Aptugender "A gender that is fitted just for you, connected, and very secure in yourself. You may not know what this gender is, but it Is very strong and prepared. This term is based on the latin term aptus, which means fitted, connected, fastened and prepared. "
Aquagender A gender that changes depending on which type of water you're near. Such as the ocean, a lake, a pool, etc.
Aquarigender or Genderflow "1) A gender identity that ebbs and flows, that is able to be described sometimes and not others. 2) A gender that is fluid between infinite feelings."
Archaicgender, Eldrigender, or Historiagender A gender that stretches far beyond one’s own age or lifetime. The vast-age of this gender has allowed it to grow far beyond whatever size/presence one would expect, or perhaps to shrink down and almost be forgotten.
Archaigender A gender that is ancient/old and big, and can either only be described with those words, or is correlated to them. Can be changed into archaiboy/girl/nonbinary/other.
Ardegender When you feel connected to the high energy of fire and feel your identity that way, but it isn’t flickering or hard to pinpoint. It feels like it has a goal and knows what it’s doing, hence the fireball going through the red stripe on the flag. Not to be confused with firegender, flamegender, or pyrogender.
Argogender or Argogenderfluid A subset of genderfluid wherein the changes between one’s separate genders or the parts of one’s gender happen gradually. “Argogender” can also mean a gender the user defines according to any kind of slowness. Prefix from the Greek word αργóς meaning slow.
Ariegender "A gender that makes the person feel somewhat out of control because their gender identity is taking control of their life. Based on the zodiac sign Aries. (Not to be confused with ArigendeAriesgender)"
Arigender or Ariesgender "A complicated gender identity that you cannot explain or is very hard to explain. A gender that does not fit under any labels. An unfathomable gender. Based on the zodiac sign Aries."
Arithmagender A number gender. It can range from any numbes, positive, negative, decimals, fractions, etc.
Arsgoegender "A gender that holds strong feelings of kinship with demons/devils/dark beings. This gender often leads to someone feeling or being kind on the outside but selfish on the inside, or mischievous on the outside and caring on the inside (or any similar variation). Note: Preferably only to be used by demon/devil/god/spirit/angel - kin folk (and similar kin) but it’s open to anyone who wants to use it."
Aslagender A gender based off Aslan from The Chronicles of Narnia! Feel regal, strong, powerful - a lot of confidence in your gender. Asterboy
Astergender A gender that feels bright and celestial.
*Astergirl *
Astralgender A gender that feels connected to space.
Astralgendervoid A gender that is connected to space, stars, and the universe as a whole. This gender feels vaguely masculine in nature and has ties to both the feeling of genderless-ness and having indescribable ties to masculinity in a vague sense.
Atergender A gender that is deep, dark, and intimate.
Atmosgender Having a gender which is present, but unable to be grasped or firmly defined.
Attraction based gender: Alterousfluid Describes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they feel alterous attraction to at the moment.
Attraction based gender: Asthefluid Describes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they’re aesthetically attracted to at the moment.
Attraction based gender: Attrafluid "A combination of multiple or all of the above genders note: the “fluid” part can be replaced with “flux” to signify that your gender fluctuates based on what gender(s) you’re attracted to at the moment. Note: these genders are intended for bi/pan/poly individuals whose preferences (if they have any) are fluid but if you feel that your orientation as a whole is fluid then feel free to use them."
Attraction based gender: Platofluid Describes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they’re platonically attracted to at the moment.
Attraction based gender: Romofluid Describes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they’re romantically attracted to at the moment.
Attraction based gender: Sensufluid Describes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to the gender(s) they’re sensually attracted to at the moment.
Attraction based gender: Sexofluid Describes someone whose gender changes to be the same as or similar to gender(s) they’re sexually attracted to at the moment.
Audiogender The more you hear about a certain gender, the more you actively become that gender.
Augender "“Aug” meaning “to increase”; a gender identity that is always growing and possibly combining other genders/gender identities and traits into one gender. Similar to plugender but exists in a state of action/growth."
Autigender A gender which can only be understood in the context of being autistic or when your autism has an effect on your gender in some way.
Autogender "A gender experience that feels deeply personal to oneself but it too difficult to accurately describe with any other gender terms. See also: Egogender, (Name)gender, Egoisgender, Narkissigender, Skelogender."
Avarumgender or Varumgender "A gender for a person who feels that, while many terms may be used to describe their gender, they don’t feel like identifying with them may be right for them–due to uncertainty, anxiety, or just neurodivergency in general. Alternatively, a term for use where many labels may fit, and one’s gender may fit all the criteria for these labels, but the traits are all static and never seem to overwhelm each other.
“Varum” is the nominative, accusative, and vocative neuter case for the word that means “real” or “true.” One can add “a-” at the beginning (possibly) to mean “unreal” or “untrue” if they so wish, because varumgendeavurmgender can sometimes feel “fake” due to technically fitting so many labels. One can do with that as they wish."
Aventurgender or Genderchance A gender that you find totally by chance and with luck, is a little hazy around the edges, but you feel completely at harmony with it and at times it reflects parts of who you are. From the gemstone aventurine (from avventura ‘chance’, because of its accidental discovery) known as the luckiest of gemstones, the ability to bring harmony into your life, and aventurescence, an effect exhibiting a glistening effect when rotated or looked at different points.
Axigender or Axisgender When a person experiences two genders that sit on opposite ends of an axis, one being agender and the other being any other gender; these genders are experienced one at a time with no overlapping and with very short transition time.
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My Battlecon Diary, ep 4

Welcome back Battlecon fans. This is my series where I keep a journal about my Battlecon game days. My main goal is to get some content and energy going. I talk about the tournament structures and matchups we play, try to provide insight, either on things I did that went really well or things I learned. Maybe a highlight or two. Some mindset. A little humor. But most of all, I just hope you enjoy reading about Battlecon.
My series has gotten good feedback so far, with many thumbs up. As long as people seem to enjoy it, I'll keep producing content when I can. Also, Aliphant, one of the best players in the game, seems to stop by and give some feedback, so if you see her - either here on Youtube - you can definitely learn a lot.
Ok so this game day was with Devin, my main Battlecon buddy, and good friend. We actually started out the day with 2 games of Mottainai, a really obtuse card game by Carl Chudyk. Don't know if anyone here knows of it; it's more well known on the boardgames sub. Ok, so for BC, we played 2 "tourneys," if you will (just the 2 of us). We have what we call a Type A and a Type B tourney. A Type A tourney is where we pick simultaneously, one at a time, and we pick characters with the aim of having the best team to defeat the other. Type B is relaxed. We simply grab our team out of the box, and we stay away from our "mains," instead just picking people we "feel like playing." So A is us really competing, B is us just playing.
If you already know my tourney structure, skip down to the first row of ampersands (&&&&&).
In either case, we each pick 4 fighters. Then we each simultaneously perma-ban one fighter from the other team; that fighter can not be used in this "tourney." Then we play best of 3 with the remaining fighters, with no fighter being able to fight more than once. In game 1, we each "temp-ban" one fighter (that fighter can't fight in game 1, but will in game 2 or 3). Then from the remaining two fighters, we pick them at the same time. In game 2, we simultaneously pick one of our 2 remaining fighters. If there's a game 3, well, it's just the final unused fighters.
Ok so, our picks were (me, him) : Sarafina, Zaamassal. These are our two mains.
Next: Burgundy, Orianna. I have only used Burgundy once, against Joe, my more casual opponent, but I liked him. I think Burgundy will have game against all of Devin's mains (Zam, Ori, Adjenna, Trias) so I picked him. Orianna is Devin's second main.
Next: Hepzibah, Runika. These two picks surprised each other. I picked Hep because I think she has game against Zam, Ori, and Adj. Hep can stun more reliably than almost anyone in the game, and that's exactly what the doctor orders against his team. Zam loses his paradigms when stunned, Adjenna can't give Petrification, and Orianna can't unleash Unstable shot or Unstable Meteor, the two most volatile attacks in her kit. I'm not sure why Devin picked Runika; he knows she's susceptible to running out of gas, but she is a stat monster, so, why not.
Finally: Alexian, Cherri. Both of these picks surprised the other. I have been playing Alexian recently and gaining respect for him. Decided to let him fight with the big boys. Additionally, I thought having one juggernaut would do well against Adjenna (if he picks her) and Zaamassal. As for Devin, he has never played Cherri before, but she's a main for me. He wanted someone "disruptive" and chose her as the most disruptive character he could think of.
Ok, the perma-ban. I banned Cherri and he banned Sarafina, same time. To him, Sarafina is untouchable. He hates her. The constant mixups with projection and the dodge at range 1 just make her a nightmare. I banned Cherri because she's just so tricky. You're never sure if you should play optimally or suboptimally, in case she clashes you. I didn't wanna deal with that, even if he first-timed her (hmmm, my audience is primarily adult here, maybe I should insert an analogy/metaphor for "first timing her"..., on second thought, maybe not).
Ok our game 1 "temp bans" were Zaamassal and Hepzibah. Ok, so what thought process goes into picking who you're going to ban for 1 game? Is it just random? I mean, whomever you ban in game 1 gets to come back, so what's the point, right? Well, no. Without the game-1 temp-ban, just picking 3 fighters became totally random and arbitrary. But with a ban, you reduce it to a binary choice. So on the temp-ban, I try to figure out who he's going to ban, ie who he doesn't wanna face. I ban someone who I want to fight later with my temp-banned character. I figure he'll ban Hep, and I think Hep has game against Zam, so I ban Zam, and indeed he does ban Hep.
Game 1: My Alexian vs his Runika.
So I didn't play this one well. First of all, he made a huge gambit on beat 1, overcharging his Range weapon and ignoring my stun guard. I found myself at 13/14 on beat 1, but he lost his range modifier. Well, Runika normally has poor hit confirm, so evading her, creating distance, and then charging in for large hits seemed the way to go. But ultimately, I played predictably, got a few key moves clashed, and focused too much on creating space. Runi was able to hug me, as she should. Also, Devin patiently waited for Regal and Dodge to be down (regal negates chivalry token bonuses) before unleashing hell. Consequently, he had a couple unbeatable attack beats. Also, when I did use regal, it was telegraphed and it didn't "own" him. Runika takes game 1 for team Devin.
Game 2, my Burgundy vs his Orianna. Ok, time for me to see if Burgundy can play with the big boys. Spoiler: he can. This was not good for Ori. Creating distance was really key. I constantly threatened Slaughter (unique base, BA: teleport to a paint marker and remove it), a base that evades at range 3+, and of course, Dodge. Consequently, Ori - a character who relies on going "all in" on a few key spots - could never commit comfortably. She only landed one hit on me. I made a couple good reads and was able to teleport inside her min range a few times, and I also dodged all her yellow plays (when she plays yellow, she wants to get hit, gaining MP), and when I didn't, I used Burgundy's UA to "refuse to throw a punch," so to speak. I think I won this with 15 life.
Game 3: my Hepzibah vs his Zaamassal. So I wasn't sure how to predict this one. I feel like Hep's ability to nearly stun at will would just destroy Zam, but she has poor movement and hit confirm, and I was worried about her being across the board from him, unable to get close enough to hit.
So one key play was this. I was in space 7 with Zam in 6. I couldn't dodge and neither could he. I remember him commenting once that in this situation (or in the middle with the paradigm that prevents adjacent opponents from moving) he likes to use Sturdy Strike: he's stun immune and can't be moved, and hits for 5. So I was looking at my options and I came up with one that he didn't notice. I played drive, advanced 2 spaces and hit him from space 4 (anteing the Range dark pact, among others). He was deflated. He thought he had a sure trade. But I made a hard read and was correct. Anathema drive was just phenomenal all game. He couldn't handle it. I don't think he dodged enough. Well, he didn't hit me much, but I anted liberally, and we found ourselves at 4 v 4. On one beat, he was threatening Plane Divider, Blue Grasp, and Yellow Strike. I couldn't come up with an attack pair and ante combo that could hit first guaranteed. I had to go first, or lose to his super, but I couldn't out-prio his fastest attack. And I couldn't dodge. So what do I do? I change my thinking. I ask: what's an attack pair and ante combo that doesn't DIE to anything he has? I come up with a 5-prio attack and I think I anted 2 things (my first ante was free), prio and soak! Can you believe that, prio and soak. Well the prio was enough to stun his super, and the soak was enough to brunt his faster attack and be left at 1. Well, he supered and I stunned him, but for 1 damage, hah! I beat him on the next beat, winning the tourney down at the wire.
So my lesson there was in a different way of thinking about the attack pairs. Sometimes you just need to play something that can't lose, as opposed to looking for something that can't be beaten, cuz sometimes that thing doesn't exist.
Dinner time! So Devin made us an unusual dish, but it was great. So we were in Mexico the other day and he got some authentic Tamales, which he loves. So he pan fried some Tamales with some eggs, scrambled them, and put over a bed of white rice, topped with pepper. I was getting pretty damn hungry, so I ate 2.5 plates of it in about 7 minutes! Yum. Ok, back to BC!! Woo.
So now, a Type B tourney. More casual. My picks would be Bruce Lee, Lucida, Seth, and Luc. His would be Iaxus, Hayden, Kehrolyn, and Hikaru.
In this Type B format, we don't pick at the same time and react to the other guy's picks. We just grab some dudes. So, Bruce. Devin has been trying to make Bruce work, but is pretty convinced that he's underpowered. Neither of us can figure out why Bruce, one of the greatest martial artists of all time, has -1 power on almost all his styles, and really struggles to land hits, but some chick in a dress with high heeled shoes and earrings and long fingernails has +1 damage styles. Makes no sense thematically.
So I picked Bruce to try to prove that he's not terrible. Lucida is my other friend, Joe's, main. But he is still learning the game and learning her, so I wanted to try her out and see how good she is. Seth, well I had a bad loss to Zaamassal a few months back where I just couln't get close enough to land a hit, so I wanted to give him another chance. And Luc, well, I've been watching Aliphant play him, and reinvigorated me about Luc's potential and I wanted to try him out. Namely, I wanted to try out hoarding time tokens to gain soak, that looks fun.
Ok, so the perma-bans were Seth and Kehrolyn. He didn't want to deal with a predictive tricky character like Seth, and since my whole team was melee, I wanted to get rid of Kehrolyn since she's a stat monster in melee and her big weakness is fighters who run. I thought she would be way too comfortable exchanging blows with anyone on my team.
Ok, game 1 temp-bans: my Luc and his Hikaru.
Game 1: Lucida vs Iaxus. He chose Iaxus, basically, to try him out again. Had played him months ago but forgot what he does. He started out in his Tidal plane, allowing him to move me, which helped, but from there he didn't really know which plane to utilize. He misplayed a few beats. I was testing out a line of play for Lucida. My thinking was: use green dodge to get free reward tokens, get the Prio token early, wait till he dodged, then hit him on the next beat, giving him "lose soak and SG" the next beat (dodge in discard 2), then ante prio, out speed him, and auto stun. Well, Iaxus didn't dodge much so I ended up getting the power token and holding onto it. I didn't want to spend it either until his dodge was down. I think that with Lucy (Lucida), she loses a lot of value if her antes get dodged. So in the meantime I kept cycling in the life gain/life loss token and it really helped. I ended up winning this one with 13.
Game 2: my Luc vs his Hayden. He had tried Hayden before and didn't really get her rhythm down much. I'm working on the theory that Hayden, while technically labeled a beginner for her easy mechanics, is anything but a beginner character. It requires planning to set up for the next beats, some plays are telegraphed, she has extremely explosive attack pairs, but they have poor hit confirm, and if her plans get ruined, she ends up with the wrong balance of fury and control and no way to quickly change it.
So I dodged around and collected time tokens. Then, whenever possible I tried to connect with Eternal Shot. I used my time tokens to soak, never overspending. Ie, I chose to, say, take 2 damage having SG 2 than to burn my last two time tokens to soak that damage. I only soaked as much as I had to not to get stunned, figuring I could soak more later if needed. Devin commented that he wasn't expecting that line of play at all.
I had one masterful play, MASTERFUL. So, Hayden was at space 3 and I was at 6. I wanted to do Eternal shot, but her green style would let him retreat 2 and Shot me at range 5. I made a hard read that this play was coming. So I parried it by playing...Eternal Grasp! This is so unusual because Eternal has -4 prio. So, imagine playing a 1-prio grasp. Pretty shitty. But he played green shot as predicted, and I clashed (parry) it! Then I played Eternal Shot. He played drive, and advanced into me, hit me, which I soaked, and then I hit back. It was very satisfying. I mainly tried to keep out trading him with Eternal, and be careful not to walk into one of Hayden's 10 damage attacks. My problem with those is that they're predictable when Hayden is showing 5 fury.
Devin later admitted that he wanted to dodge a lot, but realized that that was bad for him since I kept getting free time tokens. I won this pretty easily, concluding with a memento drive, hitting twice.
So, I won that tourney but we decided to play the game 3 because this was our little controlled experiment. I was going to prove that Bruce is a viable fighter.
Game 3, my Bruce Lee vs his Hikaru. So after every match that he has played Bruce, if Bruce loses, we always wonder if it's a bad match-up. What would the ideal match up be? I'm not really sure. Well, my strategy with Bruce was to ante follow-up attacks very liberally. Couple reasons. 1. This causes confusion when you ante bluff and can get the opponent to waste resources. 2. Bruce is never really sure which beats he'll hit, so if he refrains from anteing a follow up attack and ends up connecting, he cries. So, I think lot of antes are good, even if you dodge.
So I set up a great play on beat 1. I wanted Hikaru to waste his Earth token as soon as possible. That was my goal. So, to that end, I started with my Ignore-Soak Style in Discard 1, and right away, I anted a follow up attack that was NOT "ignore soak." Thus, Devin could clearly see that my two anti-soak tools were not in use this beat, and he happily anted Earth. Turns out, I dodged! I was really proud of that. Sure one of my follow up attacks was down now, but it paid off. I made a few more sweet ante bluffs like that, and I kept him off balance.
Well, Devin did a nice job regaining tokens. Last time he played Hikaru, he ran out and didn't manage his resources well. This time, he didn't make the same mistake. One thing I could have done better would be to keep dodge up against his fire token. I think, psychologically, Hikaru only wants to ante fire when dodge is down, because he doesn't wanna waste it. Another way to land fire, though, would be Geomantic Shot, ante earth, and then SOB add fire if applicable.
Well, I did find Bruce to be a little underwhelming. It's impossible to trade well. All his styles are -1 power. So he HAS to connect with his follow up attacks, and his unique base is dogshit and he's really not THAT fast. He's also quite predictable. I mean, I definitely mixed it up with a few unsuspected bursts, but it's tough.
It came down to one beat. 4 to 4 life. Here's the epic play. I'm in space 1, he's in 3. His fire and earth are down, but he has his Super. His super is Range 1, but it applies all available tokens to the attack, which would make it 8 prio, range 0-2, power 7. What can I do against that? I had a super too, but it was slower. I don't remember if I had my dodge. I'm thinking i did. Well, I did a corner cross for the win. My style advanced 2 spaces, and I played burst. Ironically I only had a range 2 follow up to burst. So, if I bursted back to range 2, he'd kill me, so I had to burst to range 3, but my burst without a followup attack wouldn't be enough to kill him, but he'd be without tokens. Well, when he saw the corner cross, he conceded. I only realized on my drive home that he wasn't actually dead. But when I told him, he said he would have scooped anyway.
So after winning with Bruce in an effort to prove his viability, Devin responded that he still wasn't convinced. I asked him jokingly what I had to do. He commented that I severely outplayed him the entire game and still barely won. He then posited that every match-up is bad for Bruce.
I'm not sure. Bruce is no Tier 1, but I think he's playable, albeit quite predictable.
Well, that's it folks. We had fun, but today was my day. Some good hard reads, some good parries, and lots of fun. Hope you enjoyed, see you next time.
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[FAQ] Soda Dungeon Terminology

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion about the abbreviations and terminology commonly used on the subreddit so i have put this post together to list some commonly used terms we use to discuss Soda Dungeon.
The terms are open to debate so please let me know in the comments if you think they could be changed to improve communication. That being said please try to observe the listed terms for discussion to improve communication on the posts.
An example of the need for this clarification was a user using the terms "attack" and "ATK" synonymously as the same word, thereby confusing himself when trying to discuss:
Table of Contents
(Additional terminology and clarifications will be added as needed.)  
Attack Types Comment
Attack Melee Physical Attack
Skills Lets use "skills" instead of "ability" or "spell"
Dimension Comment Dungeon Boss Floor Patron Relic
Dimension 1 1st Dimension Julius 100
Dimension 2 2nd Dimension Alexandria 200 Soda Junkie
Dimension 3 3rd Dimension Gaaan 300 Ruffian
Dimension 4 4th Dimension Garrik 400 Conscript
Dimension 5 5th Dimension Demora 500 Fighter
Dimension 6 6th Dimension Binary 600 Conjurer
Dimension 7 7th Dimension Tengen 700 Healer
Dimension 8 8th Dimension Kelzika 800 Thief
Dimension 9 9th Dimension Berus 900 Knight
Dimension 10 10th Dimension Ornus 1000 Merchant
Warriors Dimension 11th Dimension Ornus 1000 Darkmage
Dungeon Comment
Floor Dungeon Floor
Stage There are 10 Stages in the Dungeon
Mini-Boss Stage 5 Floors "X5"
Boss Stage 10 Floors "X0"
Dungeon Boss Stage 10 Floors "X00"
Icons Comment
Beds Icon Unlocked via the BEDS tavern upgrade
Essence Pool Icon Displays current Essence
Gold Pool Icon Displays current Gold
Options Icon
Your Party Icon Displays current party members
Party Bonuses Icon
Relics Icon
Relic Tokens Icon
Unlockable Patrons Icon
Patrons Abbreviation Soda Reputation
Soda Junkie SJ Peasant Pop 0
Ruffians R Dr Slurp 50
Conscripts CS Dungeon Mist 100
Fighter F Grappling Grape 250
Conjurer CJ Cherry Charm 400
Healer H Holy Fizz 525
Thief T Loot Beer 650
Knight K Questing Cream Soda 750
Merchant M Regal Cola 750
Darkmage DM Drink Zero 800
Ragezerker RZ Fury X-Treme 1000
Overworld Screens Description
Overworld Screen Outside of the Tavern
Tavern Screen Inside of the Tavern
Pets Screen Inside the Pets Stable
Wizard Warp Screen Click the Dungeon on the Overworld Screen
Magic Well Screen Click on the Magic Well
Arena Screen Inside the Daily Challenge Arena
Relics Screen Click the Relics Icon
Tavern Screens Description
Tavern Screen Inside of the Tavern
Unlockable Patron Screen Click the "?" Icon on the Tavern Screen
Relics Screen Click the Relics Icon
Hire Patron Screen Click on a Patron inside the Tavern
Party Screen Click the Your Party Icon
Skills Screen Click a Patron on the Party Screen
Stat Bonuses Screen Click a Patron on the Party Screen
Party Bonuses Screen Click the "?" Icon on the Party Screen
Wizard Warp Screen Click the Wizard inside the Tavern
Dungeon Screens Description
Dungeon Screen Inside of the Dungeon
Doors Screen The Doors option inside the Dungeon
Chest Room The Treasure Chest inside the Doors option
Treasure Room The Treasure Chests after defeating a Boss
Other Screens Description
Dimension Book Screen Click the Dimension Book Icon
Upgrade the [Relic] Screen Select a Relic to upgrade
Options Screen Click the Options Icon
Stats Comment Relic Pet
HP Stat Constitution Cola Ernie
ATK Stat Vigor Swig Crespia
MP Stat Cauldron Bubble Ray
Stat Bonuses Abbreviation Relic Pet
Crit Chance Crit% True-Strike Soda
Crit Damage CritDmg% Damage Quench
Chance to Evade Dodge% Evader-Aid
+% Boost to Attacks Phys% Norm
+% Boost to Magic Attacks Mag% Potable Potion Charlie
+% Gold Earned Gold% Liquid Gold Jenny
+% Essence Chance Essence% Effervessence
HP Regen Sip of Vitality Tufts
MP Regen Dasha
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Regal Options Binary Option Platform Review. Trade now at Regal Options. As the sister site of the hugely successful Cedar Finance online broker, Regal Options can be counted on to provide some of the best features and benefits around. The trading platform is one of the best in the industry, and the fact that is licensed and regulated by Cyprus and European Union authorities ... Regal Options is a highly recommended binary options broker in the industry. In spite of being new, it shows competitiveness in terms of payout rates and assets. Regal Options is one of the few brokers the offer bonds for trading. The trading platform is user friendly and offers various trading tools. There is a wide range of assets and expiry times that traders can choose depending on their ... Regal Options is a highly recommended binary options broker in the industry. In spite of being new, it shows competitiveness in terms of payout rates and assets. Regal Options is one of the few brokers the offer bonds for trading. The trading platform is user friendly and offers various trading tools. There is a wide range of assets and expiry times that traders can choose depending on their ... Auch all-or-nothing options, asset-or-nothing options, bet options, cash-or-nothing options, digital options, fixed-return options oder one-touch options, die nichts Anderes als binäre Optionen darstellen sind von dem Verbot betroffen. Viele Anbieter von binary Options verkaufen auch die Kundendaten an andere Betrüger weiter. Kunden werden ... Regal Options was a binary options broker that opened in December of 2012. They are owned by P.M. Investment Capital Ltd. Their official address is Ioanni Stylianou 6, 2nd floor, Flat/Office 202, 2003, Nicosia, Cyprus. Their phone number is United States: +1 (646) 233-2839. Their email address is [email protected] Regal Options is similarly well diversified in its offering of binary option types. These include Digital, Touch, Range and Turbo. These include Digital, Touch, Range and Turbo. Digitals are your typical binary options: you choose an asset, pick a direction and expiry, and if the asset closes in your direction at the time of expiry you receive the payout. Regal Options is one of the newest Binary Options Brokers. They operate off of the TradoLogic platform and were introduced in July 2013. Summary of our Regal Options Review. Platform Overview; No. Assets: 42: Asset Classes: Stocks, Currencies, Commodities, Indices : Trading Features: Digital, Touch, Turbo, Range, Extend, Double Up, Close Early: Software Platform: TradoLogic: Open your FREE ... Regal Options Review Overview. Regal Options was created in 2013, it's a new and competitive binary options broker targeting US clients as well as international clients. Minimum deposit requirement is $200, and minimum trade size is $10. Payouts range from 70% to 81% on short term options, and higher than 100% on longer term options, as on One Touch options, and through their Dynamic Payout ... Binary Broker Сайт о брокерах бинарных опционов, их торговых платформах и отзывах трейдеров о них . Sicherer Handel; Indikatoren Handel; Kostenloses 1000$ Demo-Konto; Mehr als 200 Signale täglich; Handel binärer Optionen mit freien Signalen Jetzt Registrieren! Die besten Brokern für binäre Optionen 2018 / Regal Options ... Regal Options is a highly recommended binary options broker in the industry. In spite of being new, it shows competitiveness in terms of payout rates and assets. Regal Options is one of the few brokers the offer bonds for trading. The trading platform is user friendly and offers various trading tools. There is a wide range of assets and expiry times that traders can choose depending on their ...

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Regal Options Review -- US Friendly Broker and 81% Payout - New Binary Options Broker

quick video im doing on regal coins referral program and binary tree. make a little bit extra money from registering yourself or others into doing the very profitable lending platform that regal ... If you are searching for the honest review of the Regal Wealth app, then you came in the right place. it is... Binary Options Experts uploaded a video 3 years ago 4:41. Millionaires Code Scam ... Binary Options Robot and Binary Hedge Fund lead the auto trading revolution that is sweeping the binary options world. Both enable 100% freedom with their auto trading process that runs from the ... Go here to read Regal Options review - regal options regal options broker regal options review regal... regal wealth management software 30 day challenge io software $1k daily profit scam youtube reviewers binary options software options binary binary options agency binary options strategy binary ... Regal Options Review -- US Friendly Broker and 81% Payout - New Binary Options Broker - Duration: 38 seconds. BonusGuide . 392 views; 6 years ago; 4:04. Empire Option Binary Trading Demo -- Free ... Regal Options Has become one of the most reliable binary options brokers available in the industry, Read our RegalOptions Review to know more about how reliable is this broker. Category People & Blogs Objective and trustworthy Review of Regal Options Review. Binary Option Broker is US Friendly and of... Bristol Hi Fi Show 2020 part II, Chord, Monitor Audio, Roksan, Wharfdale, Audiolab, PRO-AC - Duration: 18:44. Eden Audio Hi-Fi Stereo Channel Show Recommended for you Are you afraid of getting scammed by a binary options broker? Go to to find out more about the best binary options bro...